Environmental Protection: Bush RegenerationEnvironmental Protection: Bush Regeneration

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Environmental Protection: Bush Regeneration

When I purchased a ranch in the Outback, I didn't realise how much care and attention the bush would need. There are numerous weeds and invasive plants which had started to spread over the land, killing off native species. A neighbour recommended that I call a bush regeneration service. These professionals were able to conduct a survey of the types of plants on my land before taking action to remove the weeds. A year later, the eco-system of the land is back in balance and my plants are thriving. However, it takes constant care and maintenance to keep the land healthy. This blog details what I am doing to protect the environment around me. I hope you find it useful.

Work In Asbestos Removal: How to Get Worker Compensation

While generally not dangerous if utilising safety protocols, asbestos removal, performed by professional businesses like Total Asbestos Services, can sometimes bring about exposure to the chemicals found in the material. This happens during the repairs, renovation, and demolition where structures contain asbestos. And unfortunately, the exposure and relative health effects caused are not known until they have terminally affected those who work with asbestos. Diseases such as asbestosis and mesothelioma (a malignant tumour in the stomach or lungs) are common to those who work in asbestos removal. Read More