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Environmental Protection: Bush Regeneration

When I purchased a ranch in the Outback, I didn't realise how much care and attention the bush would need. There are numerous weeds and invasive plants which had started to spread over the land, killing off native species. A neighbour recommended that I call a bush regeneration service. These professionals were able to conduct a survey of the types of plants on my land before taking action to remove the weeds. A year later, the eco-system of the land is back in balance and my plants are thriving. However, it takes constant care and maintenance to keep the land healthy. This blog details what I am doing to protect the environment around me. I hope you find it useful.

Work In Asbestos Removal: How to Get Worker Compensation

While generally not dangerous if utilising safety protocols, asbestos removal, performed by professional businesses like Total Asbestos Services, can sometimes bring about exposure to the chemicals found in the material. This happens during the repairs, renovation, and demolition where structures contain asbestos. And unfortunately, the exposure and relative health effects caused are not known until they have terminally affected those who work with asbestos. Diseases such as asbestosis and mesothelioma (a malignant tumour in the stomach or lungs) are common to those who work in asbestos removal. Whose duty is it to compensate the workers in such occurrences?

It is the duty of the employer to offer compensation to the workers and their families in such an occurrence. However, the employee also needs to know their rights to ensure they get compensation. Here is how employees can gain compensation after an incident where the employer fails to compensate or does not compensate adequately.

Legal advice

There are worker compensation lawyers who can assist you as an asbestos removal worker. It is imperative to note that the laws on worker compensation vary globally. As such, learn more about what laws apply in your locality regarding worker compensation. The worker compensation, in a nutshell, should include:

  • Medical care

  • Payments for permanent or temporary disability

  • Assistance in getting alternative employment and/or rehabilitation when needed

Employee knowledge on worker compensation

To get this type of support, the asbestos removal worker needs to ensure that the employer maintains insurance coverage to cover injuries that are job-related. In addition, the employer needs to provide the employee a claim form. This form should be presented to the insurer as well as the local board office.

Naturally, these laws were not created as it were for the benefit of the asbestos removal employee alone. They also protect the employer from various lawsuits that may exceed the limit agreed on insofar as compensation is concerned. The main reason is that these worker compensation laws only apply to the asbestos removal employer and not the manufacturer of asbestos.

Federal government compensation

The federal government is also responsible for the compensation of asbestos removal employees. However, the federal government relies on the government to fund these worker compensation claims. There are also countries that extend such services to the private sector to compete in getting the state-run funds.

Therefore, an employee should be keen on knowledge of how worker compensation laws apply in their country and location. As an employee, ensure that your coverage covers lost wages, medical treatment, and vocational rehabilitation. With adequate knowledge of these laws, you are guaranteed to live comfortably in case you suffer from an asbestos removal related ailment.