Environmental Protection: Bush RegenerationEnvironmental Protection: Bush Regeneration

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Environmental Protection: Bush Regeneration

When I purchased a ranch in the Outback, I didn't realise how much care and attention the bush would need. There are numerous weeds and invasive plants which had started to spread over the land, killing off native species. A neighbour recommended that I call a bush regeneration service. These professionals were able to conduct a survey of the types of plants on my land before taking action to remove the weeds. A year later, the eco-system of the land is back in balance and my plants are thriving. However, it takes constant care and maintenance to keep the land healthy. This blog details what I am doing to protect the environment around me. I hope you find it useful.

Environmental Monitoring: What Is It And How Does It Affect Your Business?

Environmental monitoring is an important service that helps to ensure that human activity is working towards the best use of the environment. If you run a business that engages the environment around you directly, e.g. agriculture, industrial manufacturing and processing, mining, property development or civil construction, then it is important that you seek regular environmental monitoring services. Read on to learn more.

What environmental monitoring is all about

Environmental monitoring is a scientific process carried out by environmental consultants. The process involves inspecting the environment to look for changes and signs, collecting samples, testing and analysing the samples in a lab, and writing reports indicating the findings, possible solutions and/or recommendations. Monitoring can also be undertaken thereafter to further study the areas of concern in an effort to learn more or in order to follow up on progress.

Environmental monitoring touches on all sectors of the environment. As such, consultants can monitor the water, air, soil, vegetation, animals, and even noise. Some consultants may focus on specific niches and others may offer services touching on all area of the environment in general. The issues of concern here are usually pollution, waste management, safety and eco-balance.

When to seek environmental monitoring services

If you run a business under any one of the categories mentioned above, you should seek environmental monitoring services during these instances:

  1. Before buying property. Make sure the site supports whatever you plan to do on the land.
  2. Before and after site remediation. For the necessary intellectual support.
  3. Before and after environmental incidents, e.g. spills, fires, contamination, etc.  
  4. If you notice abnormalities in the environment around you, e.g. air contamination, change in water colour, abnormal animal or vegetation behaviour.
  5. Regularly. Preferably annually as part of due diligence and maintaining good environmental management practices.

Benefits of seeking environmental monitoring

Seeking environmental monitoring, even when done simply as part of regular maintenance, has numerous benefits to your business. They include:

  1. Safeguard the environment as part of your business responsibility.
  2. Maintain best environmental practices as spelt out by the law or the industry.
  3. Get the know-how to tackle environmental challenges in the best way possible via modern innovation, 'green' solutions and cutting edge technology. The goals here include saving time, reducing costs and creating lasting solutions.
  4. Know what your site is best suited for to allow maximum productivity while averting environmental hazards and economic losses.

So the question now becomes are you doing all you can to understand, preserve or improve the environment around you? If not, seek environmental monitoring and consulting services.