Environmental Protection: Bush RegenerationEnvironmental Protection: Bush Regeneration

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Environmental Protection: Bush Regeneration

When I purchased a ranch in the Outback, I didn't realise how much care and attention the bush would need. There are numerous weeds and invasive plants which had started to spread over the land, killing off native species. A neighbour recommended that I call a bush regeneration service. These professionals were able to conduct a survey of the types of plants on my land before taking action to remove the weeds. A year later, the eco-system of the land is back in balance and my plants are thriving. However, it takes constant care and maintenance to keep the land healthy. This blog details what I am doing to protect the environment around me. I hope you find it useful.

3 Telltale Signs That Your Septic Tank Needs Servicing

A septic tank can be a good choice for a rural home that is not serviced by city water supplies. Everything that is put down a drain or a toilet is collected in the tank, which then gets emptied and cleaned on a regular basis. A quality septic tank can usually last for years without any problems, but they do need servicing and repairs over time. Note a few telltale signs that your home's septic tank or the pipes leading to the tank need some attention from a professional.

1. Nitrates in well water

If your home has a septic tank, it probably has a well on the property. A buildup of nitrates in well water is a good sign that there is a leak in the septic tank, as nitrates and bacteria are often found in nearby soil and water supplies when they leak out of the tank. It's good to have your well water tested regularly for any contaminants, and if you notice high levels of nitrates, you might check your septic system and tank. They are likely reasons for this contamination.

2. Slow drains

When the drains in your home get slow, you might open up the trap to look for hair, grease, soap scum, and the like. However, if there are no outward and obvious reasons for drains to empty slowly, your septic tank may need cleaning and servicing. The tank may be full or there may a problem in the lines so that your drains cannot empty as they should. In some cases a good cleaning can address this issue, but if a pipe or line is bent or otherwise broken, this may have allowed dirt or tree roots to get through the lines and, in turn, clog your home's drains.

3. Pooling water and bad smells

Pooling water on your property and bad smells are the most obvious signs of a septic system backup or leak, but note that if the septic tank is overflowing, you should expect bad smells and pooling water in the same area. Your property may not be graded properly so that water tends to pool on your yard, so not every puddle means that your septic system is in need of repair. When you notice both pooling water and bad odors, especially in areas around drain lines and the tank itself, then chances are it's the tank or pipes that are the culprit.

When you notice any of these signs, contact a professional septic tank pump out company.